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In Lightenment: Accessing Your Own Spiritual Energy and Power
Saturday, April 13 from 10 am to 5 pm

In Lightenment
Join Rev. Karen Wylie and Suzi Kesler Lula for a day of spiritual renewal, nourishment and enrichment to access the spiritual authority and power within you..

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For more information:
Rev. Karen 310.968.8928
Suzi 818.988.9066
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Mystical Mediterranean Odyssey: Rome to Istanbul
June 27 - July 6, 2013

Join Rev. Karen Wylie on an amazing Mystical Mediterranean Odyssey
from the holy city of Rome, Italy to Istanbul, Turkey, cities filled with
architectural wonders and monuments to the faiths that inspired them.

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For more information contact:
Valerie Freeman 760.855.2441

Sacred Journeys

Karen Wylie - Spiritual Service
Temple of Isis, Egypt 2008

Rev. Karen has not only traveled the world on many of her own sacred journeys – from Peru and Africa to China, New Zealand and Australia – she facilitates others to do the same. Future journeys will be announced here ...



Minister vi: to give aid or service”
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